Making Mirrors offers a poetics of belonging—to the earth, family, and memories packed into backpacks. The poems go beyond refugee/citizen binaries and illuminate exile as a forced/creative space. As the refugee crisis fades from the front page of newspapers, this collection is a plea against historical amnesia and inertia; the poems are an antidote that reaches beyond despair to renewed action.

Since its release we have had books signings/readings at Vassar College in New York, Denison University in Ohio, Bus Boys and Poets in Washington DC, The California Institute for Integral Studies, at the Mosaik Centre in Lesvos Greece, and at the Public Library in Cairo.

About the Editors:

Jehan Bseiso, aid worker and poet currently living in Beirut, traces her family ancestry back to 17th century Gaza. She has been working with Doctors without Borders since 2008 and is the co-author of I Remember My Name.

Becky Thompson, poet, activist, mother and scholar, currently lives in Boston (USA). Her books include Zero is the Whole I Fall into at Night (poetry), Teaching with Tenderness, and Survivors on the Yoga Mat: Stories for Those Healing from Trauma.

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Abbas Sheikhi and family

Abbas Sheikhi and family

Fatima Al_Hasan and Sana Al-Shuaybe

Fatima Al-Hasan and
Sana Al-Shuaybe