Media: Selected Appearances and Interviews

Topics: embodied teaching and a pedagogy of tenderness, yoga and healing, Islamaphobia, antiracist activism, social justice movements, international feminism, African American women’s health, poetry and politics.

Recent selected interviews on Teaching with Tenderness (October and November 2017):

Past appearances:

  • Boston Common (Sunday TV news show)
  • KBOO (Oregon)
  • KCPW (Salt Lake City)
  • KVON, KCBX (California)
  • National Radio Project (California and syndicated)
  • National Public Radio (syndicated from Washington, New Jersey, New York)
  • People Magazine
  • Places (Poetic Language Artful Communication Elemental Speech), TV and video series
  • Prime Time Live (DC and syndicated)
  • Savoy Magazine
  • Teen Vogue
  • Tell Me More, National Public Radio
  • Tom Pope Show (syndicated)
  • Voice of America (international)
  • WBAA (Indiana)
  • WBEL-AM (Milwaukee)/ Live with Big Mornings
  • WIP (Philadelphia)
  • WMJX, WNTN, WMBR, WBCN (Boston)
  • WRFG (Atlanta)
  • WRIF, WCSX, WGRV (Detroit)
  • WXRK, WFAN (New York)
  • WXSS (Wisconsin)
  • WYCL-AM (Cleveland)/ Live with Brainfood