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“Teaching with Tenderness: Toward an Embodied Practice”
Excerpt from book by that title. Becky Thompson. Anchor: Where Spirituality and Social Justice Meet Issue 7, 2017.

Amazon Book Reviews
Reviews of Teaching With Tenderness

Voices Of America
Interview with Dr. Paula Joyce. September 15, 2016

The Trauma Therapist
Interview with Guy Macpherson

Live Mint
Sohaila Abdulali,

Mantra Magazine
Yoga For Everybody

Michele Berger
Manufacturing Joy After Trauma Interview

Behind the Pages
Video interview with host Diane Goshgarian. (2015).

Review of Survivors on the Yoga Mat: Stories for Those Healing From Trauma.
Book review, Life Force Yoga. Kress, R. (2014).

Viva La Vegan
Interview with Becky Thompson- Survivors on the Yoga Mat

Brookline Hub
1301 Booked- Becky Thompson PhD

Research Newsletter
Yoga and BiPolar, Yoga for MS and more

Amazon Book Reviews
Reviews of Survivors on the Yoga Mat

Jamaica Plain
Resident Pens Book on Yoga and Trauma Healing

Survivor Strengths
Excerpt from Survivors on the Yoga Mat. Decolonizing Scofield, B. (2014). (Editor’s review)


Becky Thompson You Tube Channel

Toward a Pedagogy of Tenderness (Part One)
This lecture by Dr. Becky Thompson focuses on contemplative techniques for teaching about racism and other oppressions with an emphasis on creating tenderness in our teaching and lives.

YouTube announcement for Survivors on the Yoga Mat. (2014).