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Media: Selected Appearances and Interviews

Topics: embodied teaching and a pedagogy of tenderness, yoga and healing, Islamaphobia, antiracist activism, social justice movements, international feminism, African American women’s health, poetry and politics:

  • Boston Common (Sunday TV news show)
  • KBOO (Oregon)
  • KCPW (Salt Lake City)
  • KVON, KCBX (California)
  • National Radio Project (California and syndicated)
  • National Public Radio (syndicated from Washington, New Jersey, New York)
  • People Magazine
  • Places (Poetic Language Artful Communication Elemental Speech), TV and video series
  • Prime Time Live (DC and syndicated)
  • Savoy Magazine
  • Teen Vogue
  • Tell Me More, National Public Radio
  • Tom Pope Show (syndicated)
  • Voice of America (international)
  • WBAA (Indiana)
  • WIP (Philadelphia)
  • WMJX, WNTN, WMBR, WBCN (Boston)
  • WRFG (Atlanta)
  • WRIF, WCSX, WGRV (Detroit)
  • WXRK, WFAN (New York)
  • WXSS (Wisconsin)